Saturday, July 30, 2016

Franny Golden: La Vie en Rose

Franny Golden is a painter. Seems like an obvious thing to say about someone who puts paint to canvas with a brush, but there is a spirit to painting, and Franny Golden embodies that spirit. Someone who translates everything around them into painting. Some who lives and breathes and shares that in painting. Someone who sees the best in everything around them and shares that in painting. That is a painter!

Her paintings have a watery diaphanous quality that is both jubilant and poignant, brave and optimistic. Whether portrait or abstraction, still life or landscape, they are all made of this. Of hope. Of belief. Of care. Of love. They carry her paintings, like her paintings carry her, and us.

Franny Golden's beautiful watery paintings wash over us. Their iridescent colors are likes scarves over a lamp, her lines like hangers that support them. The light shines through. La vie en rose.

It should be no surprise that Franny Golden now lives in France after a lifetime in and around Boston and on Cape Cod. It is where she belongs. It is who she is. A painter.

Addison Parks
Spring Hill, Summer, 2016

Franny Golden

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