Saturday, January 17, 2015

MARGRIT LEWCZUK: Being and Nothingness and the Infinity Game

Margrit Lewczuk Untitled (2012) 60 x 48

There is an awe. Awesome. Transcendent painting that becomes all things! Nothing less will do. A kaleidoscope of Godhead! A microscope of cosmic eye blinking back at us. At once pleasure and pain, haunting and fun. Easter Island, Coney Island, the Island of Dr Moreau! The island of Lemnos. The third eye, the third world, around third base heading home, and back to the womb. A duet of pairs, a minuet of symmetry, a dizzying ballet of balance and centering and equilibrium.

Margrit LewczukConnie’s Dream, (2006) Acrylic on linen, 60 x 48″
 Green & Purple, (2008) Acrylic on linen, 60 x 48″

Margrit Lewczuk paints monuments. To some being. To some Beingness. Like some extraterrestrial landing strip, like crop circles from space, with deafening sound, she reaches out. Encircling us. Embracing us. Hypnotizing us. Matisse as Svengali. Brancusi as painter. We find ourselves at her gate. Let go and she takes us in. The great mother. The Buddha. The unanswerable. The nothingness.

Margrit Lewczuk Begin (2011) 60 x 48 

Lewzcuk plays the infinity game. Yin Yang. Lemniscate. Möbius strip. Cassini's curve. Bernoulli's curve. Watt's curve. The devil's curve. The ouroboros. The aura. The oracle. The round sound(Om). A world within worlds. Archetypal. Algebraic. Alchemical. Ancient.

Margrit Lewczuk, Angel (2012) 60x48 Acrylic on Linen

Margrit LewczukJourney (2011) 60x48 Acrylic on Linen

Cyclical. Cycladic. Cross cultural. Chrysalis. Cross hairs. Across time. The Egyptian Scarab. The Roman Millennium. The Latin Cross.  The Lotus. The birth. The rebirth. The transformation. The transcendence. Space and time. The hour glass. The butterfly. The Omega.

Margrit Lewczuk Untitled 11 x 13 inches

Margrit Lewczuk is that butterfly. Her paintings are those butterflies. Her avatars. Flapping their wings before us. The smack down simplicity of it all. The eternal mystery of it all. The space odyssey of it all. The all. The one. The ME, WE.

Addison Parks
Spring Hill, 2015

Margrit Lewczuk Me,We, curated by Suzy Spence for The Gallery @1GAP

Opening Reception :Saturday January 17, 6 - 8PM

1 Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn
Richard Meier On Prospect Park


Anonymous said...

You nailed the round sound of the work. The moment of Zen. Love reading your stuff. PP

Anonymous said...

You made me look at the work closer.

Anonymous said...

I plan to see Bill and go to
Margrit's show. Thanks for the prompt. Best from Chris

Chris Busa
Provincetown Arts

Anonymous said...

I really liked your writing about Margrit Lewczuk! Was activator. Ill try to check out her new show right away! RJC

Anonymous said...

Man, your piece on Margrit is pure music - poetry. I don't know how you sustain such intensity - virtuosic in every way! Thank you for sharing it with us.

John Baker and Nina Nielsen

Anonymous said...

The work does indeed have a presence, one that is both joyous and daunting. Powerful!