Sunday, January 18, 2015

Artist Notes: Brett Baker

These are wonderful paintings! Thatched. Thatcher. Channeling Monet haystacks, van Gogh wheat. Great texture, the troughs of paint, furrowed, loaded, the way they build, the way they break free, shifting the narrative from north south east west and slanting toward a horizon. Marching. Beating out rhythms. African drums. Really sumptuous and beautiful to behold. Fields and forests of color like embers.They have something of the atheist about them, the atheist that is also a stargazer, and therefore maybe more believer than believer. It also comes through in the paint. Each stroke a kind of hopeful order, making room for deviations, an affirmation in a crazy mixed-up world.

- Artdealmagazine

"Your observations beautifully describe the kind of poetry I hope for in a painting. So glad it comes through - even over the internet. Also, an atheist/stargazer trying to create a hopeful order pretty much describes me to a tee.

...Porfirio DiDonna is a favorite painter of mine. I saw many shows of his work at Nielsen when I lived in Boston. Not sure how often you get down to NY but thought I'd mention that I have a show coming up in late Feb at Elizabeth Harris Gallery. There will be a Porfirio DiDonna show there as well, in April I think."

Brett Baker

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