Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The HIGGS Boson; MY HIGGS Boson

Bow Street Drawing Installation 2006

I've been looking for something for several years now. Something at the bottom of it all. Something at the start. Something at the center. Something I'd always been looking for, really. Something that has crept into every idle drawing since I can remember, and finally took over in my work, first through conscious drawing, and then finally in painting. I have been true to this something and have been unable to stray from it. My portraits of it are curiously consistent on one point. Literally. There is one point. One center. From which every thing springs. i called them centering drawings at first. and then source paintings. Source! and always it was this thing. Fountain. Flower. Star. Plant. Being. Energy. I often thought of Carlos Castaneda(he would like this of course).

Constellation Flower(2010), oil on canvas; 36 x 60 inches

But imagine my surprise when a few weeks ago it was believed that scientists had found the Higgs boson. The prime particle. The God particle. Imagine my surprise when they showed a picture of it. What it looked like. What the God particle looked like. It was my one of my paintings!

Higgs boson 2013

That's it right there. The Higgs boson. Now here is one of my many, many paintings.

Party On; oil on canvas; 2013

This one is a month or two old. 2013. Canvas and paints my children gave me for Christmas that was meant to get me painting again, painting again after dedicating so much time to fixing and fixing up our new home. The inspiration for this one came from the birthday banners that they make for everyone. In this one I managed to stay true to the spirit of celebration. Both birthday and celebration seem so appropriate on so many levels now. I can't help but be grateful for all of it. All of it. Thank you.

Addison Parks,
Spring Hill

Bow Street Gallery; Addison Parks, Martin Mugar and Larry Deyab

Spring Hill Studio

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