Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Dennis Cowley: True Photographer

Alec; pin hole photograph

Dennis Cowley has a sense of the particular. It defines his photographs. It defines his vision. It defines him. Indeed, Dennis Cowley's photographs are all about definition.

Oliver; pin hole photograph

Most of his work has been black and white dark room photography. A lot of people just don't get that. Not in a digital age. But here is the thing, Dennis Cowley believes that photography is something you earn. Maybe it comes from growing up military. Or Catholic. A question of discipline and devotion. Who knows?  But Dennis Cowley is steadfast in this belief: you have to earn it. With that comes touch, and depth, and mystery, and nuance, and character, and honor, and value, and experience, and above all, truth. Yes, about all truth. True photography.

Each advancement in digital photography only caused him to double down. So, oh yeah, take this "made on an iPhone." Try made with a pin hole camera!

Stacey and Addison Parks, Long Nook Beach, Truro
Pin hole photograph

The particulars in Dennis Cowley's photographs are something he delights in. As a viewer we can as well. It is like beach combing or treasure hunting. His photographs never fail to yield that surprise, that deep satisfaction that comes from close inspection. From discovery. We are always rewarded.

It is a very quiet statement, which is just like him, which is just how he likes it.

Dennis Cowley, Bow Street, Cambridge

Addison Parks
Spring Hill, August 2016

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting. I liked Dennis Cowley's photographs. So much patient looking in pin hole photos. I like the way that makes everything else just disappear for an extended moment.
Leonard Sorcher