Wednesday, January 04, 2012

I've remarked about this curiosity before. We seem completely comfortable about the idea that people can change for the worse. No problem. Happens all the time. But if you talk about people changing for the better? Forget about it! Doesn't happen! Then the concept of change becomes impossible. Change for the worse? Sure. Change for the better? People don't change! Curious. Schopenhauer didn't think people could better themselves. Our only hope was to sublimate that self, bury it; he did believe in music though. Apparently music was us at our best. The exception that proves the rule. You're not going to get an argument from me about that. However I think we do a few other things that are also what I like to think of as transformative. When taking about change I do what we all do, I point to the butterfly! Art is about transformation. Visualizing it, documenting it, wishing it, making it happen! It is change! It is alchemy and it is metamorphosis! From Lascaux to the Brandenburg Concertos. Transformation and transcendence. Any artist who has ever made anything knows this. Change is something we can do. Everyday! It is palpable, it is powerful, and it is possible! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone