Friday, February 06, 2015

Artist Notes: Martin Mugar

...the paintings are a revelation. You seem to have unleashed something, clearly. Literally. Literally literally. Unblocked. I am sorry that there are people in your life who are now in the next that aren't here to see this. They would have been thrilled. The work you were doing before had plenty of virtues, but these are different. They have a different voice. Voices. They are going to be heard. Perhaps they can communicate to the other side. Perhaps they are from the other side. Who is to say what you are channelling, but whatever it is, it is alive!

"They were being painted around the time of my mother's passing. They are another voice, you are right. I remember working on an application to be a scholar of the house and my poor friend Joe Knight was helping me with my application. I came up with the phrase which is not original(I just came across it recently) that I wanted to use but he did not like it: "You don't know what you know until you allow it to be known." I guess the other work was setting the table for this." - Martin Mugar

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