Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Artist Notes: Bill Jensen at Cheim&Read

Made me think of the yellow painting I have that you gave to Porfirio, Bill, which is a part of my everyday. Right now it is between a DiDonna and a Guston.

The paintings are awesome!! I love the dialogue between the panels. I love the unleashed space and time. The wide open expanses. The leavings. What's left. Almost like the paintings are just what gets left behind. The morning after. The place where something happened and moved on. The residue. The vacated campsite. The great artist as alchemist; makes gold from lead; shows us what we have overlooked is truly divine. Makes us see with new eyes. Better eyes. Awesome. A revelation.

It is like in the movie The Princess Bride. The following Prince comes across where Inigo and the Dread Pirate Roberts have fought; he traces their footsteps and says that a great battle has been fought here. He connects the dots and sees what has happened. We do that with your paintings, Bill. We piece them together. Maybe a great battle has been fought. Maybe a giant has been beaten. Maybe a great opponent has been outwitted.

More later.

Addison Parks, Spring Hill

That yellow painting that is part of my everyday with a DiDonna at Bow Street Gallery.

Sorry about the reflection on the right. Still, something about the ghosts in a painting. And the mason Bill Jensen!

Great interview from Gorky's Granddaughter:

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Anonymous said...

You sure can write!!! Only a painter can talk about paintings with such
passion and music. Thanks, JB