Tuesday, July 08, 2014

ADDISON PARKS: Source Paintings at Prince Street

Addison Parks, Blue Burn, 2005, oil on canvas, 9 x 12 inches

Addison Parks's signature idiom is like the whorl of a fingerprint, wholly his own. Approaching, circling, swerving away, again approaching, patterns gather into shapes that stay in motion. His process is direct, unmediated by the brush, squeezed directly from tubes of paint, articulated with his fingers. He discovers high-keyed color harmonies more brilliant than those that exist in nature. Blue Burn is a firestorm of cold blues, swatches of a sooty black streaked with white fissures, and sparked by a small scratch of leaping yellow. His paintings arouse our haptic sense of tactile texture. As Jon Friedman once wrote about Parks, “[Natural] appearance has been shucked in order that the substance can be seized.” His exhibition in July at Prince Street Gallery in New York concentrates on Source Paintings, his new series from 2007 to the present. Parks summers in Truro." 

Christopher Busa, Provincetown Arts Magazine, Summer 2014

Installation photographs: Source Paintings by Addison Parks at Prince Street Gallery, 530 25th Street, Chelsea, NYC, July 8 - 26, 2014

Prince Street Gallery panorama shot of Source Paintings

Source Paintings by Addison Parks at Prince Street Gallery July 2014

Old Skies (2007),  Pass It On (2008-2009)

Source Paintings by Addison Parks at Prince Street Gallery

Prince Street Gallery; When Madame Has A Headache (2009)

Prince Street Gallery installation of Source Paintings by Addison Parks

Press Release

Prince Street Gallery Installation
Old Skies (2007) , Pass It on (2008-2009), Dragonfly (2012)

When Madame has a Headache (2009),
I'll Thank You For Not Ruining My Croissant (2014)

Prince Street Gallery Installation of Source Paintings by Addison Parks

Prince Street Gallery Installation of Source Paintings
Verse (2008-2010), Whale Song (2014), Wintersbeach (2014)

Whalesong (2014), Wintersbeach (2014), Viking Funeral (2014)

Duck&Weave (2014), Stations of the Crosstown Bus (2014)

Pass It On (2008-2009), Dragonfly (2012)

Prince Street Gallery Installation Shot; Source Paintings by Addison Parks

Art in America and Provincetown Arts Ad

Addison Parks with Source Paintings at Prince Street Gallery 2014

Addison Parks with paintings by boyhood teacher
Gino Severini at the Guggenheim Futurism exhibition

With Special thanks to Martin Mugar, Stacey Parks, Mary Salstrom, and Gina Werfel, without whom this show would never have happened,  and also to John Baker and Nina Nielsen for their much appreciated curatorial assistance and support.

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Anonymous said...

They look gorgeous. Bigger space major difference - with chance to take them
in far and near. Like the shift in scale from painting to painting too.
Congratulations, you deserve the best. John Baker

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Addison. Thanks for the great preview.

Arnold Steinhardt

Anonymous said...

The work and installation look beautiful.

Maxine Yalovitz-Blankenship

chris said...

awesome show, these are nice to see

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Beautiful show, Addison! Big Congratulations!

Willie Marlowe

Anonymous said...

Good stuff. Good words. Good you sent it out!
best, Joan Snyder

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blurb in p-town arts!! I knew I loved that painting… but could never have articulated its essence as this writer has. Thanks for sharing!

Patrice Goldman(proprietor of Blue Burn)

Anonymous said...

Love it. Nina

Anonymous said...

LOVED reading this!! LOVED seeing the interior shots of the gallery with your paintings hung....really exciting. Thank you for sharing this with me. Incidentally, the gallery space looks wonderful....very museum-like. I'm quite impressed. You and your family must be very proud of your artistic accomplishments.


Anonymous said...

Dear Addison,
Congratulations on the excellence of this show and
the fine write-up in the Provincetown Arts Magazine.
I've enjoyed sitting in the gallery studying the
paintings. They are indeed amazingly juicy. I'm
impressed that you studied with Severini, who was
clearly the star of the Futurist show at the Guggenheim.
Stephanie Rauschenbusch

Anonymous said...

Addison, I loved the post on the Manhattan Show, and now this. Your work is wonderful. Very full of energy and optimism, which definitely has emotional appeal!

Linda Hart

Anonymous said...

I really regret not being in the city for your exhibition. It’s one thing to look at photographs of the paintings and quite another to surrender to the hedonistic pleasures of ecstatic gesture and resplendent color delivered by the work itself. You know that I’ve always been in awe of your fluency with paint and the eloquent and jubilantly rambunctious spontaneity of your compositions.

Jon Friedman

Anonymous said...

Great photos, great paintings, great artist, well done, love, John Jackson