Sunday, November 03, 2013

Winds of Change

Whether we like it or not there is going to be an education revolution in this country. Make no mistake; it is going to happen. The system is bad. The system is mean. The system is child slavery.

Adolescents are going to get wise. Adolescents are going to save themselves. It has already started to happen. A little piece of news this week: teenagers are turning off Facebook.

How millions of kids could be bullied and forced into a building and be made to go from classroom to classroom all day long and be force-fed a series of programs and then be forced to go back home and do more work for those programs is beyond belief. It is slavery, and it is not a life.

For what? So that they can sit in traffic and spend 2 hours a day commuting to and from a job they don't like so that they can have a family and sacrifice their kids to that same system by forcing those kids to do it all over again?

It is already changing. Twenty-something's are flocking to the cites, not buying homes or cars, and not having kids. The housing market is collapsing. The car industry is collapsing. You know that when you see ads aimed almost entirely had young people trying to convince them that it is cool and worth it to pay insurance and gas prices and parking so that you can sit in traffic and drive home to a life they can't afford to enjoy even if they had the time, which they don 't.

The only teachers that made a difference when I was a student were the new ones that didn't know better. They burned out fast. The tried to be real. To be available. To care. The only teachers that stay are the mean ones. That ones that learn to go through the motions. That don't care. That hold onto their jobs. That work for the system. Trolls. If there are exceptions, they prove the rule.

The only kids who excel in the system are the ones who use it to get ahead, or to get out. The mean ones get ahead, and the smart ones get out. Everyone else gets screwed.

There is going to be a revolution. And it isn't going to be pretty. Never is.

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Martin Mugar said...

I ended my blog on Tim Nichols with the observation that what we call reality is just the accumulation of a lot of mistakes.Several days ago I was perusing it and noticed that I said "to be continued". I guess I don't have to write the next blog.You just did.Bravo.Can't agree with you more!!

Addison Parks said...

To your point, the best news story among all the horror stories of gun violence and murder last week was the one about a bunch of scientists trying to rebuild some depleted, fished-out oyster beds in the Gulf of Mexico to help restore the extraordinarily beneficial effects oysters have on the ecosystem. 
It is a great story. Promising. But it is about correcting a mistake. Not a bad reason to be a science major, and certainly part of the solution, but it will mean years of study and research to correct a mistake. Sins of the father.