Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Express your YES!

Express your yes! This means having a positive attitude about what you do, what you believe, what you support, what you dream. It does not mean being defensive about these things. That's a no. Zidane. Don't Zidane anyone or yourself for what you do, believe, support, dream. The headbutt is not the answer. Yes is the answer. Don't let a jerk make a jerk out of you. Yes is the answer. Is it hard? You bet. It is the only way to go? Absolutely.

You see it with those in the extreme everywhere. They explode or implode. Yes is the answer. If you are an artist, give yourself the yes you need and leave the no behind. When you do the no, the rebel, you join yourself at the hip to the thing you are trying to get away from. Yes keeps you free. Are there consequences? Yes. Are they worth the price? Absolutely. When you have that yes you are always ready to go your own way. No is a negative force the way defense is a negative force. Who can tell who is the good guy and who is the bad guy in a fight. No one. It stinks. Peace. Yes. When you get involved with fighting war, you are Zidane. You've stepped in shit. You become part of the shit. For what it's worth, as an artist, you also spare yourself the incessant need to put other artists down to lift yourself up, which is a defensive and negative action. You will free yourself from that game, the need to opine, the need to be strident, and the yes will restore your energy in a positive and creative direction, so that you can be your true self, true TO yourself, and your work, and others!

I did not rebel against school when I was a boy. I just didn't give it power over me because I had too many other things that were important to me, that I wanted to do, that I had a yes for. Did I suffer the consequences as far as the school was concerned. Of course. I didn't care. I had a great life. School sucked. I gave it no more than was required by law. Of course school doesn't have to suck, but there is no getting around that it is a breeding ground for bullies, children AND adults(teachers, administrators, custodians, etc.). All of this is hard. The only way to flourish, to grow, to be happy, to do something truly good, is to express your yes!

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