Saturday, October 11, 2014

Artist Notes

Dear friends,

I recently helped my son Paris put together an alumni blog for his class, and the results were so spectacular that I thought of doing something similar for all my artist friends. A kind of forum. It could be news, or just what's on your mind, something you saw, something you're doing, something you love, something you hate, something you miss, something you believe. Musing or amusing. Epiphany or Breakfast at Tiffany's. If it is promotional, serve it warm. If it is mean, I would hope you really mean it.

Please include a photo; it can be of your work or anything at all. You can also include audio or video clips.

At first I will just attach it to my art deal blog, but if it takes off I will give it its own dedicated site.

Please think about sending me something, anything, if the urge or inspiration moves you.

Thank you. Warmest wishes, Addison

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